Scott Hayes is a Canadian entrepreneur & event planner with an immense love for the sports and entertainment industry.
With a vast business background in hospitality, marketing, retail and design, Scott now invests his energy in shedding new light onto the world of event planning, and personally hosting sports and entertainment events & shows.

“Creating a sense of community between  professionals, entertainers, athletes and enthusiasts has always been the main goal.  I intend to take it beyond my imagination and spread it world wide through my events, my projects and my life.”

Scott has a soft spot in his heart for the equestrian sport, but strives to bring education and entertainment to the enthusiast of every interest.



Website & Graphic Designer

Liz brings 15 years of design experience to the SH Productions Team. Earning a degree in Multi Media from the Vancouver Film School in 2002, her passion for horses and dressage led her to specialize in design for equestrian sport. Liz also competes in dressage at the CDI level and has trained her horse from a weanling to Grand Prix.