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“Dear Scott and Team,

As a 30 year member of the West Coast dressage community, I want to send my sincerest appreciation for what you’ve done and continue to do for our sport and community.  First you hosted the most intimate clinic with Charlotte that continues to inspire me.  Then you expanded the audience with a fabulous weekend in Del Mar with Carl.  Now you bring quality and elegance to Southern California shows.  BRAVO!

While I don’t think I’ll be ready to show, due to an illness and setbacks, I will be there supporting you and everyone that participates.  If there’s anything I can do to help you and your team, please let me know.  Your success is our success and we all deserve to have this tour be a new gold standard for our sport.”

~Cynthia Lapporte


“Dear Scott,
I totally congratulate you on your efforts to market Dressage to a wider, more informed audience.  The Carl Hester clinic last weekend was wonderful and your attention to detail made all the difference.  Presenting this discipline in a sophisticated yet friendly style will hopefully inspire more people (riders and spectators) to embrace dressage.  Thank you very much.”
~Suverne Griffiths


“I just had to say Carl Hester’s clinic was fantastic! Thank you so much for getting this event together and congratulations! Wishing you success ahead and waiting for the next great clinics to come!”
~Adriana Popovich


“Good Evening Scott,
I want to congratulate you on it extremely successful symposium with Carl Hester. This is the third of your productions I have attended, and you just keep making it better. Everything about this from the venue to the food was just ideal.  Thank you so much for making these symposiums happen.”
~Cathy Berlin, Tryon, NC

“Hello Scott,

I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ for organizing such a great weekend of horses, dressage and learning at the Carl Hester Clinic in Del Mar. It was a fabulous excuse for a ladies horsey weekend in the sun (at least the weather was much better than in Vancouver!). The only glitch was the sound and that issue was acknowledged early on, worked on during Saturday and resolved for Sunday. We were in a box (and thank you again for hooking us up with two unknown people who also wanted to share a box) and were very pleased with the view of the arena and were impressed with the overall organization of the event and the quality of the catering for such a large number of people.

We’ll definitely be looking into attending other SH events in the future.”
~Helen Johnson, Vancouver B.C.


“Lovely to meet you in person at Boneo. Just wanted to express my thanks ( and 12 other people ) 
For the passes to cocktail reception. Thank you ever so much for your generosity. My daughter and I ended up getting 2 table tickets – so that was great to be able to watch in comfort thanks to Jason from Trailrace and Equipe who sponsor her .
Was an awesome event especially when Mary’s horse was ridden. ❤️
Again, many thanks!”
~Lyn Stalling

“Just had to stop and write you both!!! What a FABULOUS EVENT this past weekend you presented and pulled off for ALL 10’s across the board!! The tremendous efforts ( for the months) I’m sure it took to organize and present this weekend truly paid off. I speak for myself and “my Table” when we say Woo HOO!!! 
We all had a wonderful time. The venue, food, atmosphere….delightful. ‘And then, there was Charlotte….funny, engaging, inspiring, tireless, patient, wise……Loved every minute!! Seriously giving MUCH thought to join you for Carl in the spring!!
Thanks again!! ”
~Vikki Cukier

“Scott….just wanted to thank you and congratulate you on another very entertaining, informative, educational and most of all, fun event this weekend with Adelinde, Emma and Alice.  
I don’t think the average person realizes all the intricate and numerous details that go into such an event, but I can assure you my group from Victoria was most impressed and appreciative. Your staff was super friendly and helpful, the VIP table lunches were well done including the snack and dessert table (nice touch).  The table arrangements were beautiful and mixing the seating each day was really a great idea, it gave everyone an equal opportunity to see up close, and the vendors were awesome (I shopped far too much). :)))) We’re very much looking forward to next year, we won’t miss it…and if there’s anything us “islanders” can do to help, just let us know!! :))) Hope your week is off to a good start and you’re able to get a little rest and relaxation in after a busy few weeks I’m sure. Thanks again,”
– Gretchen Rohani, Victoria, BC

“Scott approached me to work with Charlotte in early 2014 and was very patient in the early days, as we tried to secure a date to do a clinic in Vancouver, given her very hectic schedule. His communication throughout the organisation was clear, detailed and inspired. He is committed to building a credible events company and was very open to ideas from both Charlotte and ourselves throughout, so that he could give the audience the best experience he could, which is his ultimate goal. Fast forward the wrapping up of another successful clinic in Portland with Charlotte, he was very keen to evaluate the clinics with us; what worked, what didn’t and how he can continue to build on them; notably taking all comments on board for future clinics. Here at Piaffe, we are big believers that if you go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together and with that, we very much look forward to working with Scott in the future”

– Abby Newell. Director of Piaffe

“I wanted to write you a note to say thank you so much for the fabulous job you did at the Charlotte clinic. Really it was fantastic. The way you guys set up the arena, the lovely tables (with orchids no less!), the way you worked in the questions and answers, it was all really quite splendid and SO worth the ticket price. Charlotte was hilarious and amazing and I learned a ton! Having originally come up through the hunter/jumper ranks I have always said that dressage people suck at having fun as they are just WAY too serious. But you are completely destroying that reputation. I do hope you continue to do so!”
~Antonia J.Z. Henderson, Ph.D., Research & Equine
Psychologist, Langara College

“Thank you for hosting the clinics!! What a fabulous event. Between Charlotte who is absolutely amazing to the lunches, the riders that were chosen and the venue.
This was top notch! Looking forward to future events.”


“I had such a great time at the Charlotte clinic and I thought everyone ran the event beautifully. Well done!”

~Jennifer Williams, Summervale Premiere Dressage

“In Feb 2013, Scott Hayes of Scott Hayes Productions contacted me to teach a 3 day clinic in Vanouver, Canada, the first week of May 2014.
After the initial contact with Scott, I felt very comfortable and agreed to teach the 3 day clinic. It took several months of planning during which Scott was extremely professional, easy to deal with and discuss contract terms with.
The clinic was a great success and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Vancouver area of Canada. I highly recommend Scott Hayes Productions as and event management company and I would gladly work with Scott again in the future.
I wish Scott Hayes all the success possible, best of luck.”

~Anky Van Grunsven

“Scott contacted me about hosting a clinic in Vancouver in early 2015. It is always difficult to fit these things into the busy schedule, but Scott was very flexible. Scott had put a lot of thought and preparation into the events, the locations were superb, and I was made to feel very welcome. He showed his commitment to providing a professional and fun event for everyone, and I am really looking forward to working with him again in 2016.”
-William Fox-Pitt